Textures and Layers: The Wooplr Story Continues..


With Fall and Winter upon us, it’s time to bring out those warm, comfy fabrics and get experimental with layers and textures. In a city like ours where it doesn’t get too chilly, we still have the option of going for lighter and more breathable fabrics.

This time for Wooplr, we decided to wear this amazing new brand called Doodlage by Kriti Tula who has designed the cutest knits that give you a totally fresh young take on knitting with your mother!

We love the effortlessness of the pieces and how they can completely transform a look if layered right. Don’t hesitate to work different prints or textures together, play with a variation of lengths, throw on a pair of heels of belt it up to add some shape.

Don’t forget to check out all our favourite trends and outfits on Wooplr! A great app for your fashion inspiration.

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Photography by Akshay and Soumya