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12 Perks of being Single on V-Day!

Every year just before V-day is about to approach us, our all-time favorite – Cupid starts working round-the- clock and manages to strike the hearts and wallets of many. These romantic beings fall hopelessly in love and start feeling elated so to speak. Everything around them turns intense, exciting and confusing off course. Millions of songs have been written to describe this feeling. Even writers and poets have tried to capture such an experience. Actually, there is lots that goes on there.


And then, there are those among us who survive Cupid’s strikes and at times feel apprehensive about their singleton status. But hey, that’s when we come into picture to show you how to make this day of love a memorable one.

So, go all out and celebrate this day with Bugs approved ways..

More like Prankenstein Day!

We’re not saying to be cruel or anything like that (maybe we are!) but a little mischief couldn’t hurt, right? For all those boys who haven’t been too nice to you – Invite each one of them on a date to the same restaurant, at the same time and pull a disappearing act. Besides that, you can also surprise 10 of your friends who are in serious relationships, with a flowers or chocolates from a secret admirer. Get a little creative and maybe write an anonymous love letter even. *evil laugh*



Untag the Friendzoned one

Take full advantage of this day and put down names of all those unfortunate boys who fell prey to your ‘friendzone’. We think that it would be a great idea to remove that one potential friend from that abyss which represents the ‘we’re just good friends’ space and look at him from a different perspective. Yup, we mean it. Head out for a meal, a movie or maybe even go bar hopping.


Be the 3rd wheel 

If you can’t go on a romantic date, just interrupt one! Now this is for all those of you who are the only single ones in a friend’s circle full of relationships. Just pick your happiest couple and blatantly invite yourself on their romantic date. This could very well be terrible advice but you’ll never know until you try, right?


Get ‘set up’

It’s surely not a walk in the park but there’s absolutely no harm to go ahead with a blind date. Whether it’s a friend or a reliable source whose playing matchmaker, try keeping an open mind and some faith too. Also, don’t get too caught up in all the drama that revolves around one. Instead just keep calm and play it by the ear!


For the love of ‘cheap thrills’

While we’re on the topic of uninvited guests, perhaps you can crash a wedding? Did you know 14th Feb is one of the most popular dates for weddings? If that sounds too extravagant, then how about just being a completely different person for the night! Make up and intriguing persona and stick with it for an entire night. A model, a heart surgeon, an astronaut even! It’ll surely make for one hell of a Valentine’s day story.



Host a Singles Bash!

Make the most of your ‘singleton’ status and celebrate it with a party. It could be a dance one or a gaming night. To change things around, why not keep a theme party? Come up with interesting invites, DIY decors and props for those crazy Instagram pictures. Last but not the least, put together a ‘playlist’ which screams – ‘girl power’.



Throw a ‘Me’ Party..

Uumm.. let us put it this way.. Pity parties are a big no-no. Instead, sit back, relax and throw yourself a paaarrtttyyyy!! We’re suggesting that you should stay indoors and focus on yourself. Order in your favorite cuisine, sip on some wine and read an entertaining book. You can also watch Netflix and just unplug from everything else around you and let Brad, Johnny or George be your date for the night!



Something new keeps life interesting!

It is rightly said that all of us should learn something new as often as possible. So, on this day, seek out the unfamiliar and push your boundaries by enrolling yourself for an activity. Perhaps, learn a language, try to cook or simply break a sweat. You can also take the adventurous route and explore. Now go ahead, feel your heart in your mouth and the wind in your hair with some sky diving.

(Here are our suggestions-

a) Danceworx by Ashley Lobo is ideal for V-day,

b) Take a baking class from Le 15 by Pooja Dingra or

c) Drive down to Aamby valley at Lonavala and go Sky Diving

d) Additionally, a scuba diving class too is just what you need. Take a diving class from Orca Dive Club)




The Girls Getaway

If you and your girlfriends are in that phase of ‘being so done with the city and its people’ then this option will be more than perfect for V-day. Just head outside the city to have a laid-back break or simply meet new people and more. Always remember – Adult vacations are much very needed.

(Here are few portals that will come to your rescue: White collar hippie, Wanderlust woman, Blueberry trails)


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Spoil yourself rotten

 On V-day, find the perfect way to pamper yourself. And we’re saying this only because we know you deserve a special treat. How about booking a day at the spa or salon? Works for you, doesn’t it? Besides that, you can even save up and gift yourself a luxury product. Maybe a handbag, watch, shoes or some jewels. Come on, give yourself some credit girl, you’ve come pretty far.


Valentine = Four-legged friend

Plan something extra special for your companion. Why not head for a grooming session? or treat them to a gourmet meal. You could definitely go outdoors and let them explore their surroundings. Another thing you can do is to take them for a quick spin in your car. Giving them your undivided attention will be totally worth it. Take our word on it.

(Doolally across Mumbai and the Cat Cafe Studio, Andheri are perfect!)

the-best-funny-pictures-of-kids-getting-hurt-kids-getting-injured-tackle-dog-little-girl tumblr_ndhnz0dp6w1qay3vso1_500

Apps & more to your rescue

In case, the above ideas haven’t really appealed to you, here is what you can do – try out the ‘Mix n mingle’ events in the city to connect with interesting people. Other than that, download an apps called ‘Happn’ which can make you met others in real time. Like cool is that. Even ‘Tinder’ is totally worth trying out :p


Now, whose with us on all these?

Written by Amaira Chhabria