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On a Mission To Fly For Free!

Only five month ago, I was in New York, attending fashion shows for Spring/Summer 2017, which was recently followed by London Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2017. While attending the most coveted shows, I was so grateful to witness it all and felt as though I was living my dream! But wait a minute, don’t you want to know how did all this happen? Alright, I am about to spill the beans on this one. So here we go:

Ever since I have got my JetPrivilege HDFC Bank co-brand credit card, I have been determined to earn JPMiles for my next free flight (yes, you heard it right)! And, to get closer to my next travel – Sri Lanka – I thought of indulging in some retail therapy. As it is aptly said, ‘Happiness is… online shopping’, I decided to keep #DontStopCollecting as my mantra and made sure to use my card for all my shopping trips. By the way, for all those like me who love shop o’clock, the JetPrivilege HDFC Bank co-brand credit card is all that you require.

Post all the shopping fiesta, I visited through which I went onto the popular portal – While browsing through some of their pages, I came across many products. Obviously, I could not take my eyes of all that was being offered at the handbag section (I am a total bag-maniac. At times, I also plan my entire outfit around them!) and I was indeed in heaven.

Anyway, I found some really cool deals and so I quickly bought a few travel bags and handbags, which in turn earned me some more JPMiles. And then, I knew I was ready to use them for my travel to Sri Lanka. Who knew that one of my favourite hobbies would help me in such a gratifying manner!

Since I was on a mission to collect JPMiles, here’s another thing that I did. I went straight to This super-simple portal let me book my accommodation online quickly, and rewardingly. I must say, since all the travelling that I have been doing, I have started to realize the importance of where I am staying. From the location of the hotel to facilities provided, everything matters.

Through the webpage, I could access destination inspiration. It let me go through all last minute details, picture references, and also let me enjoy impressive rates. And that’s how my hotel stay for Sri Lanka was booked, with of course, some more JPMiles in my JetPrivilege account.

I redeemed my JPMiles earned by swiping the JetPrivilege HDFC Bank co-brand card at my favourite restaurants, shopping online and renting a cab via and got my free flight to Sri Lanka, just the way I had wanted.

In this entire fabulous journey of collecting JPMiles, I realised that no matter where I shop, book hotels and cabs, or swipe my card, I can get rewards. And so can you.

So, what’s keeping you from getting your very own JetPrivilege co-brand card that could get you your next free flight?

Written by Amaira Chhabria