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My Exceptional Emirates Experience

Even for the luxury traveller, travelling to international destinations always brings about a little bit of anxiety. You want your journey to be as comfortable and seamless as your holiday, and we all have our preferences when it comes to airlines, connecting flights, stopover destinations, etc. For me, there are those obvious thoughts running through one’s mind like, “I hope the flight’s comfortable.”, “I won’t get enough sleep.”, “I’d love to catch up on some good movies I missed.”, the list goes on.

If the best is what you expect, then Emirates would probably be your first choice. With a complimentary Chauffeur-driven service, to and from the airport for First and Business Class passengers, more than 2,500 channels of movies, TV programs, music and podcasts, and menus being updated every month by acclaimed chefs, you really can’t go wrong with the experience.

With the launch of Fort Lauderdale as the airlines 11th destination to the United states, our Summers just got a lot more interesting. Emirates has now launched daily, direct flights form Dubai to bright and sunny Fort Lauderdale, it’s brand new route connecting us to the state of Florida.

My Flight

#1 Scheduled via Dubai to Fort Lauderdale it’s newly launched by Emirates and is their 11th destination in the United States and the second one in Florida.

#2 With so much to do at the Dubai Airport, I have no idea how my 2 hour layover passed.

#3 MY favourite part of the journey had to be their high speed WiFi. The thrill of seamless and super fast internet at 43,000 feet above sea level is something else!

#4 On board entertainment had me hooked. I actually stated and completed the whole first season of Divorce, and caught up on a bunch of new movies I missed out on.

#5 In the First Class, passengers receive the world’s first ever moisturising lounge wear, a Bulgari kit, foldable mattress etc. Fancy fancy!

#6 Whereas in economy, the sense of space is amazing and Emirates also has sustainable luxe blankets made from 100 percent plastic bottles for one and all.

#7 Business class fliers, are provided with a chauffeur driven pick up and drop too. Luxury all the way, literally.

PC: Instagram @emirates

In-flight Food

#1 Being the largest airline catering facility in the world, they are known to heavily invest on foods and drinks. Everything from breads to desserts are prepared in their Dubai factory itself.

#2 While maintaining superior quality and homogeneity around 520 chefs from 57 different nationalities prepare over 1548 menus and churn 180000 regionally inspired gourmet meals trays, per day. Phew!

#3 Emirates offers a technologically advanced catering facility and brings food from all over the world, for instance – their beef is from US, salmon from Norway, Lamb from Australia, to name a few.

#4 Every three years, they introduce a new dish which caters to the taste buds of consumers. Fyi, their pizzas are to die for.

Emirates in-flight bar (PC: Instagram @emirates)

PC: Instagram @emirates

Dubai Airport Experience

#1 During my halt at Dubai airport, all procedures went through so smoothly that it felt as though everything was so seamlessly put together.

#2 Drawing visitors from around the globe, even though its bursting at it’s seams, I think that it’s by far the most entertaining airport ever and indeed every shopper’s paradise.

#3 Plus, there is one thing I can never leave without from there – grabbing a bite at my all-time favourite – Shake Shack!

Shake Shack at the Dubai Airport

On-ground Lounges

#1 Speaking of their unique on- ground lounges, these are highly impressive as they are THE place to relax at or even catch up on some work.

#2 Besides being equipped with a play area for kids, gourmet meals, bars among others, you could also avail a massage or even a beauty treatment.

 #3 Did I mention that here, you can actually freshen up by taking a shower. Essentially, I find these lounges, the best way to make the most of your downtime.

Soon, I was back on my super jumbo aircraft – the redesigned, double decker A380.

Emirates On-Ground Lounge (PC: Instagram @emirates)

Emirate’s on-ground lounge

Emirates Champagne Lounge

Emirates Champagne Lounge

Emirates Champagne Lounge


Emirates Fleet

#1 Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that the aircraft is the height of two giraffe’s, the weight of 165 elephants and the length of two blue whales. Remarkable, isn’t it?

 #2 Plus, their USP is the lounge in the J-class which by the way – blew my mind. It also has a private lounge, spa facilities, detoxifying drinks, to name a few.

#3 Another dream aircraft is the all new wide range Boeing 777-300 which have seats that are actually massage chairs.

Boeing 777-300 (PC:

Cabin Crew and More

#1 I noticed that whether fliers were on-ground or in-flight, the Emirates crew considers all their passengers – from economy, business or first class as guests.

 #2 Plus, from the minute, I was in-air for my long-haul flight, I saw that across all classes, the well-trained crew provided top-notch services so as to fulfil everyone’s dream of flying – comfortably. And, mind you, that’s not all.

 #3 Emirates ensures that on any given flight, there would be a few among their multi-lingual crew who actually speak the language of the country you would be travelling to.

And I have to say that I received exceptional service along with warm hospitality from the pleasant looking crew. Even the timings for my flight namely 4.50 -6 am to Dubai and 3- 10.55am to Fort Lauderdale in the morning, in particular, were great such that I could easily cope up with jet lag. So, while they are leading in their industry with style and grace, it’s fair to say that Emirates definitely doing things alternatively.

In closing, my flight was a memorable one for all the right reasons – it was hassle-free with thoughtful service. And Emirates ticks all the proverbial boxes, which is why every urban traveller must fly with them, whenever possible.

Written by Amaira Chhabria

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