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How To Snack Healthy With These Instant Oats Recipes! - Love And Other Bugs

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How To Snack Healthy With These Instant Oats Recipes!

When it comes to instant foods, it’s no secret that most of us have grown up eating instant noodles. Apart from being convenient and quick, these kitchen staples do not require much cooking expertise. But did it ever occur to that your all-time favourite and its goodness comes at a very high price? The ‘instant’ feel in them comes thanks to these being cooked before getting packaged.

Raw noodles are first steamed then deep fried. You read that right. What’s more, is that whether your comfort food is made from refined flour or wheat, it’s almost 315 kcal. Plus, it’s high in terms of saturated fats along with sodium and is low in fibre as well as other nutrients like minerals and vitamins. Now, here’s a quick question – Is there a healthy alternative? You bet there is.

And it’s none other than Saffola’s Masala Oats. With minimal processing, their 100% natural wholegrain ones get ready in 3 minutes and quite literally these can give instant noodles a run for its money in terms of nutritious value. Having 70% lesser fat content, oats are rich in fibre, antioxidants and are about 152 kcal. Like who knew?

No wonder, it’s not surprising to see celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija, chef Kunal Kapur, Shipra Khanna and so on endorse it. Moving on, if you like us are wanting to incorporate them into your daily meal plans and take your oats experience to the next level, then consider oats to be like a blank canvas waiting for you to paint over as they can be transformed without having to sacrifice on flavours of course.

Also, you know what, whoever said oats are only meant for breakfast never tried a unique savoury or sweet spin on them which could work for lunch, snacks, dinner and as desserts too. By adding freshly cut vegetables, spices etc we’ve discovered a few of our favourite recipes which are specially designed by Saffola’s panel of experts. Here’s what we’re hooked onto – and etc.

Also trust us, when we say after trying such gluten-free and guilt-free meals you won’t even feel like you’re missing out on instant foods. And best of all? You’ll still fit into your pants the next day!
– Written by Amaira Chhabria

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