Meals + Shopping + Commuting and more = Travel for Free


An Ingenious idea to travel (almost) for free

Very recently, I travelled to one of my favourite shopping haunts – London. And while I was in this vibrant city, I not only watched some breath-taking shows at the London Fashion week Fall/Winter 2017 but also spent some time doing things that we love. From dining at the world’s most recognized restaurant – Nobu, to shopping at the best departmental store – Selfridges, and picking up international fashion magazines along with traveling throughout the city via Hertz.

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I had one hell of a time in just a few days. But here’s a quick question – Have you ever wished that your indulgences could have more potential? In addition to that, there has got to be something more to the concept of spending on ‘fun’. So, guess what, we converted each and every purchase in London into JPMiles, the reward currency of JetPrivilege which gets you closer to free award flights. Yes! you did read that right. In case, you are wondering about what we’re hinting at, we’ll throw some light on this unique idea – #iCollect by spelling it all out –

a) Every time I swiped my JetPrivilege HDFC Bank World Credit Card for dining, shopping or commuting I got rewarded with JPMiles for every spend of mine

b) Infact the JPMiles earning just accelerates if the co-brand card is used across the 150+ JetPrivilege programme partners in various categories be it shopping, dining, online flight ticket booking, hotel stay, rent-a-car to name a few.unnamed (8)unnamed (6) unnamed (5)

All these accumulated JPMiles can now be used to get Free Award Flights or Cabin Upgrades as per your requirement.   All in all, we received a lot more value for money which is cool, isn’t it? While looking at the big picture, I felt that swiping a JetPrivilege banking partner co-brand card is a great way to continue earning JPMiles for your everyday spends. So to turn all your spends on the ground to JPMiles in the sky – visit and choose a co-brand card that best suits your needs in case you don’t have one.

Now that you are aware of this unique idea of #iCollect we are sure you would not want to miss out on this opportunity which lets you convert your current spends into memories of a lifetime. #dontstopcollecting.


Written by Amaira Chhabria

Video edited by Neha Giani