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Let’s talk Anti-Gravity! The hottest new fitness trend. - Love And Other Bugs

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Let’s talk Anti-Gravity! The hottest new fitness trend.

Say good-bye to your monotonous gym routine, it’s been taken over and how! We’re sure you’ve noticed this sudden burst of new and fun ways of keeping fit.

Right from forms of dance like Zumba and Capoeira to the hard core CrossFit and Pilates, it’s a whole new world of fitness out there! Today, we’re talking about something that’s caught our Lovebug eye: Aerial yoga and the latest, AirFit!IMG_3145      Apart from the fact that they both involve being suspended mid-air, and look super sexy in Instagram pictures, what do we really know about this new rage in the fitness world?  We decided to take notes from two of our favorite instructors- Lara from Tangerine Arts Studio (Aerial yoga) and Anshuka from Anshuka Yoga- The Breath Within (AirFit). Here’s what these beautiful ladies had to say!


What is Anit-gravity yoga/ Aerial yoga and AirFit?

Aerial Yoga/Fitness combines traditional mat yoga with postures/pilates/fitness techniques suspended in soft fabric hammocks. With the help of gravity and the hammocks, we can playfully explore floating, fluid movements and create space in our bodies without compressing our joints and spine. The feeling in the body is exquisite. The silky hammocks are a special material that can hold over 1000 pounds each. The hammock is a 2 point hammock which is a U shape unlike the Aerial Silks used for dance etc. Anshuka’s own creation AirFit is an amalgamation of Aerial Yoga + Aerial Fitness + Aerial Pilates.


How is it different?

Through aerial yoga you develop new skills and work muscles that you never thought you would. Because you are virtually weightless, you are forcing muscles to stretch and move that would otherwise not be used in a standard yoga practice and/or workout. With the weight of the body partially or fully supported along with the help of gravity, you can explore and create space in your bodies as intended in traditional Yoga practice.

  • Complete body workout- making use of every muscle in the body with ease rather than effort
  • Releases “happy hormones” i.e. serotonin, endorphins, oxytocin, dopamine
  • Glowing skin – inversions enhance ones complexion by providing fresh blood to the face (rush of nutrients to your head)
  • Increases flexibility and strengthens core
  • Increases the Neuroplasticity of the brain (one’s ability to learn)
  • Low impact cardio-vascular conditioning
  • Muscular tension release through self-massage techniques


How are people responding to it?

“I am experiencing a fantastic response to AirFit. I have not had one empty class since I have started this form of Fitness. My students tell me how one class has changed their lives.” Says Anshuka. We agree!

Don’t try this if…

This is not recommended for those falling into these categories:

Pregnant, Glaucoma, recent surgery, irregular heart function, very high or very low blood pressure, easy onset vertigo, recent head injury, fainting, severe arthritis, hiatal hernia, disc herniation, recent stroke, Cerebral Sclerosis or botox(within 6hours).


The dos and donts:
  • Eat at least 3 hours prior
  • Arrive well hydrated
  • Don’t eat a heavy meal prior to the class
  • Avoid extremely lose clothing to prevent the extra fabric getting in the way
  • Wear a t-shirt with sleeves and fitness pants/shorts that cover the knees.
Anshuka Yoga- The Breath Within
Vandana Bungalow- Ground Floor, Plot 360, 16th Road, Bandra West- Mumbai 400050
Tel- +919820873167
Lara- Tangerine Arts Studio
9, Rukhsana, 2nd Floor, Next to Puja Casa,  Ambedkar road, Pali hill, Mumbai 400050
Tel +919867369960

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