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9 Commandments Of The Maid Of Honour - Love And Other Bugs


9 Commandments Of The Maid Of Honour

Being the Maid Of Honour,  is a title that comes with a cost.  If you thought you could just show up and look pretty, hate to burst your bubble! As the bride-to-be’s best friend, there’s no shying away from certain unavoidable duties that come your way.  Right from wedding preps to shopping trips and bridezilla melt-downs, you have to be her right-hand-woman through it all!

#1 Throw her a bachelorette party she’ll never forget

Your maid of honour duties pretty much begin the minute she has that ring on her finger. Planning the perfect bachelorette party is one of your first priorities. You have to make sure it’s crazy to just the right amount and she wakes up the next morning with only a few not-so-serious regrets.


#2 Look into the dance practices and rehearsals

Nowadays, keeping the performances short and precise at weddings is the way to go. So, even before the saga begins, you can start overseeing all the co-ordinated dance routines. Make sure everyone is always on time equally pumped up as you are, we all know how much this means to the bride.


#3 Bridal emergency kit

On the big day (or days) you have to keep your bridal emergency kit handy at all times. You never know what could possibly turn into a crisis. A small bottle of water, a razor, safety pins, lip gloss, deodorant, your car keys, extra cash, credit cards, power bank, double sided tape,  tissues, mints and anything else you can think of that saves you from the last minute stress and chaos.


4# Keep checking up on the boys side

This could possibly be the most fun of the most annoying of your MOH jobs. We all know how lazy and laid back boys can get, you need to make sure  the groom and his entourage are always on time, looking on point.



5# Be the party starter-

You obviously don’t want your BFF’s function to be a well behaved and sober event, and to avoid that, you need to be the life of the party. The Chaachas and Maamas by the bar, that cute cousin from London, Maasijis and Auntyjis scanning the room, drag them out to the floor! With the help of some Jack, Jim and Johnny, they’ll be partying to Daler, Sukhbir and Mika in no time!



#6 Find your apprentice 

Behind every efficient MOH, is an over enthusiastic friend who’s basically willing to shadow you through this journey, making sure the bride is never left alone, even if it is for a tiny pee-break.


#7 Be the social media star

Apart from creating a genius bride-groom hashtag for the wedding, you also need to make sure you populate everyone’s social media feed with photos, videos, boomerangs and live streams that will make it look like the most epic wedding of the season! And you, the most thoughtful, social and unbeatable maid of honour she could’ve ever asked for.


#8 Post party ragers

Just because the lights come on and the cops have arrived, doesn’t mean the party needs to stop. Your room by default becomes the after party, and you, the welcoming host. These are memories that will last a lifetime, make sure you make as many as you can.



#9 Keep the bride alive

Yes, this sounds a bit dramatic, but remember that this can be a very challenging time for a bride. Be her rock through all her nervous melt-downs and mood-swings. Make sure she stays well fed, hydrated and on point for the cameras at all times.



Written by Trishala Sikka & Amaira Chhabria


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