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10 Reasons I’d Go Back To Westin Pushkar - Love And Other Bugs

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10 Reasons I’d Go Back To Westin Pushkar

Sometimes the desert can be as wonderful as the beach for a summer getaway, and here are some MAJOR reasons I’d love to go right back.


Who doesn’t love being in the water? Imagine having your own Plunge Pool AND getting served breakfast in it! The love bug in me approves 100% of this uber-romantic idea that takes “breakfast in bed” a notch up.Pushkar, the city is as culturally loaded as Delhi is polluted. For anyone who wants to get away from the metropolitan mess and be elevated to a far more enriching city experience, Pushkar is the place to be at. The Pushkar Ghats is another beautiful location that you must visit if you’re around.




Having to get dressed and go to the gym in itself feels like such a treacherous task, let alone working out in a room full of strangers. Westin Pushkar makes life so much simpler by putting a treadmill in each room, right by your bed side. Great place to work off all those Seasonal Taste carbs!

What is a vacation without uninhibited binging sessions? The Westin Pushkar Seasonal Tastes gives you mouth-watering dishes and a food coma to last a lifetime. The view is great, the ceilings are high, and there is a buffet to die for- all those amazing asian restaurants will be brought to their knees with this one!

No vacation is complete without some serious, dedicated pampering. If the amazing food, personal pool and treadmill in the room wasn’t enough, there is also an in-room spa! All of this in the comfort of your own room- if you’re not feeling people friendly, Westin Pushkar is giving you all the right reasons to fly out ASAP!

A lesson in any subject you appreciate, is a lesson worth taking. What better than a cocktail making session with the best teachers in the business, to take a lesson in? Alcohol is a universal language that the cocktail crew at Westin Pushkar are fluent in.

Looking to get just the right kind of buzz? Panorama is the place to be especially if you’re a fan of starry skies. Not only does the terrace bar serve amazing cocktails and classics, you also get another stunning view of the Pushkar night sky- which, by the way, is a 100% smog free.

If the romantic quotient wasn’t as high as you’d want up to this point, it’s time to brace yourself for the ultimate desert experience. A scrumptious dinner on sand dunes, under moonlight is just what I wanted to share with my better half, on this trip.

Recliners, food from Seasonal Taste, and any movie you chose to watch- that’s all on the cards at the theatre you can book for yourself for as long as you like, at the Westin Pushkar! Bring your laptop, put on a pair of comfy pjs, sit back and enjoy the ultimate movie experience in your own mini movie theatre. Not something you get to do everyday, is it?

After a long day at the Ghats, binging session at the Seasonal Tastes and the failed bike ride into sunset, all I wanted was a good night’s sleep. And what a bed to sleep in- nothing else could give the experience a happier ending than that heavenly bed.

Written by Shereen Sikka and Ilina Luthra

Photography by Nupur Agarwal

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