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THE LOVEBUG CLUB: An Endless Community Of Infinite Fashion - Love And Other Bugs

Lovebug Club

THE LOVEBUG CLUB: An Endless Community Of Infinite Fashion

As bloggers, we  understand the value of original, honest and engaging content, and how rare it is to find. We ourselves are always looking for interesting people to follow, fun blogs to read, and just curious to know what everyone else in the fashion and beauty space is upto. Which is why we connected with a bunch of bloggers with a like minded sense of fashion, who are creating some really cool stories!

When you’re a content creator, it’s the most encouraging feeling to see your work out there and appreciated. Finding that platform that helps you push out your work along the way was something we would have loved to have starting off a few years ago.

The Lovebug Club is a fashion community which has already started to grow in both size and recognition, and this is just the beginning. An endless community of infinite fashion is what we wish for it to become.. and it starts right here.


Avantika Pandey

APfied by Avantika Pandey is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog for and from an Everyday Girl who is beautiful, confident, passionate and loves to experiment with fashion.


Deepika Khattar

A fashion enthusiast, a storyteller and momma bear of 2 ; curating a potpourri of life hacks, make create personal style and critiques one greasy snuggle at a time at

Dhwani Shah 

Dhwani Shah

I’m Dhwani, I typically have a love for beautifully simple and timeless pieces paired with pops of color, mixed patterns and statement pieces. I’ve started a blog WearisCoffee basically as a means for me to share my experiences while building a wardrobe of pieces that actually fit and flatter Indian body shape & sizes,mainly to help all girls out there to feel both guided and purposeful with their style everyday.

Closet Confidential

Itija Banerjee

Hi I’m Itija Banerjee, I’m 20 and I’m studying Fashion Design from ISDI Parsons, Mumbai.
Fashion to me is taking inspiration from things I see in my day-to-day life.
I love styling and l love to incorporate every aspect of my life into the way dress myself.


Snehal Shinde and Paramdeep Kaur

Wondering what LaCarabugs is, well “The Expensive Errors”. Yes we both (Paramdeep Kaur and Snehal Shinde) are the expensive errors. We love drama in fashion which  makes us same and Snehal is all about badass drama and Paramdeep is swanky drama.

The Good Life

Megha Ray

This is Megha Ray here and I’m a Computer Engineer but also extremely passionate about dance, fashion and spreading smiles. I blog about fashion,beauty and lifestyle on my website-The Good Life with Megha Ray.

The blog was born purely out of my love for fashion and photo shoots. It was also because of my desire to enjoy life to the fullest by utilizing my creativity in the right direction and sharing my experience with the world.



Grishma Dalvi

Karishma Shah

Part time stylist Karishma Shah’s other occupation is being the sleepiest girl in the world. Apart from being a self proclaimed funny girl, Karishma’s hobbies include being late to everything, watching horror movies and KUWTK a little more than required, petting random dogs and thinking of comebacks for every short joke thrown at her.
Grishma’s mornings begin chanting Beyoncé’s “FLAWLESS” When she’s not drowning in law books, she spends her day being an “advocate for style”. Contouring is her religion. She spent her previous life being a warrior princess and has established that the gym is her one true Bae. Her love for all things fashion is comparable to the love Kanye has for Kanye.
The objective of our blog is to bring the SLAY factor into everyday life and explore everything from photography and fashion and everything in the middle. It’s meant to take fashion, which is often considered superficial and transcend it to empower women to be a boss bi*ch and bring out their inner Beyoncé.


Namrata Yadav

Ok so let’s just all pretend it’s a really clever bio:
I am Namrata Yadav.
From an IT student to my stint with preparing for Civil Services and changing my career again to creative writing, content writing, content marketing, social media marketing, I landed up on my own blog.
From raiding my mum’s closet and draping her dupatta as an elegant evening wear, my fashion journey has come a far way. My eye for spotting the current trends and finding the edge to blend it with my style has gotten me here.
When I am not blogging I am found reading, binge watching or on a mini get-away. As cliché as it sounds, I love exploring places and moreover satisfying my appetite with all the cuisines, which is never ending.

Leggings are pants.
Hunger is an emotion.
Sherlock Holmes is immortal.
Red Lipstick and Wine are a way of life.
Fashion is about being comfortable in your own skin and no one said anything about high heels. #DealWithIt.

Goals: To wear all the styles that they have to offer a girl, create something of my own and let nobody tell me any other way.

Constant fear : Life has been a dream till now, don’t ever get boring.

Mantra : If you are going to be weird, be confident about it.

The Meow Code

Ritika Kuniyal

Hi everyone! I’m Ritika – a software engineer by day, Zumba instructor by night and an absolute fashion lover 24 by 7. My blog is called The Meow Code and it documents all the things I love – latest trends, Instagram worthy outfits, thrift shopping, hair and makeup inspiration – I’m obsessed with it all and love to share my finds with everyone. Want to be a part of my little world? Just hop on and enjoy the ride to all things Me-ow!


The Top Bun

Saloni Parekh

Hi, So this is my first fashion blog ever!! The reason for me creating this blog is to share what I’m currently thinking of in terms of trends, streetstyle or something that I’ve seen and liked in fashion magazine etc. Also I like to share a few fashion tips and a review of the latest trend that I’m currently reading or working on. I also put up pictures of some of my daily outfits to show more of who I am and what I like.


Shambhavi Bijutkar

I balance, I frolic, I jump and then I pose. There goes the camera shutter sound and I am happy. My love for blogging finds its root in the desire to be chic from top to bottom, every minute of the day. Like Literally! I love to cook, I love to bake but I absolutely hate to clean.
Obsessed with sequence, Part time coffee junkie and full time animal lover. What’s in my bucket list? A road trip with my 2 labs in a convertible!


Shikha Mehta

My name is Shikha Mehta. Welcome to ‘The Knee High Socks’ – my online fashion blog recording the fashion musings of myself, an 19 year old girl from Mumbai, India.

Curly and Chaotic.

Positive and Perky.

Dancer and Globetrotter.

Stylist and Opportunist.

The Knee High Socks.

— Everything old is officially new again —

To know more about me visit

Much Love xoxo

HowTheyGlow Sanskruti Ingle

Shruti Ingle

Howtheyglow is a Personal styling blog started by two Sisters with Big dreams !

We are so passionate about everything in life,literally everything.Obsessed with old, traditional, tribal, and modern day boho, hippie, and indian fashion and lifestyle.

Shruti is an MBA (Human Resources) Graduate, having a long battle changing careers right from an aspiring Doctor to an Air-hostress landed up being a Fashion Freak. Well its all about what you love doing the most ! HowTheyGlow is our space to share some style stories and connect with all you guys out there.Being a Fashion enthusiast she started this blog with her sister Sanskruti who has alike interests in styling and fashion.

Sanskruti is pursuing her BBI however studies could not keep her away in what she enjoys doing most !

So now it doesn’t take much time to figure out what we are really trying to put up here, its all about Fashion !


Sonali Singh

Hey ! This is Sonali from thestyledrug ! I am personal style blogger . The idea is to capture and showcase my personal sense of style. Fashion for me is creating your own sense of style , let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others !

The Closet Madness
Sonam Khemlani
The Closet Madness is a source for creativity and individuality that covers everything from fashion styling to beauty. I hope to spark the same inspiration that I have discovered myself in pursuit of fashion and want to encourage people to add a little madness to their closet.
Ross and Rack
FullSizeRender 26
Shweta Sharma
I run an online website geared towards bringing fashion inspiration and styling tips. I have a blog called Rossandrack. I am currently pursuing my management studies. I love fashion that’s the reason why I started my own fashion blog. I challenge myself wearing all latest style of fashion that keeps on coming. For me clothing and accessories is not the only thing, I love makeup as well and I think they both go hand in hand.


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