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How To Master Monsoon Dressing - Love And Other Bugs

Lovebug Club

How To Master Monsoon Dressing

There’s no denying that the Mumbai Monsoons have pleasantly surprised us all this year, and it’s only natural that we celebrate in our not-so-gloomy style! The lovely ladies from the lovebug club have made sure you have all the 411 you need on how to stay at the top of your fashion game this season.

Here goes!

Urban life goals


I am an umbrella girl! I won’t change a thing about my outfit, come rain or storm. For this look, I opted for a thrifted pair of shoes to go with a black umbrella. Why black? Simply because it’s simple yet elegant and because I fuss more about my outfit and hair; not to forget my baby dragons running around me!

Urban Life Goals

The long shorts are my all time favourite when it pours and this denim shirt over a tank top keeps me cozy. My favourite coach bag is an all-rounder.​ I love light layering and for monsoon I would go for anything above the knee, sandals, minimal jewellery and a black when I plan to walk around in the crazy Mumbai monsoons!

Deepika Khattar

LaCara Bugs


Denzel Washington once said, “You pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too. That’s a part of it.” So here we are to help you deal with this mud and rain.


Bags: Innovations in this industry is one of the reasons we bow down to designers. By creating bags in acetate, silicon and jelly bags they made our lives a little more stress free when it comes to protecting our bags without a hassle.


Footwear: Just because it’s raining, doesn’t you can’t be fashion forward. Keep your best foot forward by wearing cute gumboots (translucent being our personal favourite). If that’s not your style, plastic slip-ons and striped sandals look great as well.


Rain coats: No umbrella? No problem! Back in the days, printed raincoats were reserved for school kids and plain ones for working men. However, these days getting a quirky raincoat to make a style statement is no biggie and easily available.


Shorts: Shorts are most functional and obvious choice for this season. Be it work, a dinner date or a night at the club, make sure you have at least one good pair of shorts.


Umbrella: One of the most obvious choices for monsoon, umbrellas can be anything but boring. Invest in a large, sturdy umbrella that incorporates your personal style and we’re sure it won’t be raining on your parade anytime soon.

LaCaraSnehal: I’m not yet done with summer so I’m going to turn to my easy-breezy bell sleeves top. Wearing shorts in Mumbai rain turned out to be a great idea.

La cara bugs

On Snehal: Top: Colaba , Bottom: Vero Moda Shorts, Footwear: Dressberry.

Snehal Shinde


Cloudy skies, long drives and the rain and the fresh smell of damp earth; what’s not to love about the rains? Apart from obviously potholes, traffic jams and those giant ugly plastic raincoats. Seriously, what wants to enter a restaurant looking bomb AF and holding a raincoat or an ugly umbrella in hand? So we at NamaSlay came up with a tried and tested ways to still have fun with your outfit without the monsoon raining on your parade. Let us know what you think!


Who said swimsuits are only for the summer? We love getting maximum use out of our pieces. Incorporating them in your outfit this season will be Einstein’s IQ level smart as they dry instantly plus they can be a blessing when all your clothes refuse to dry since the sun has been MIA. Either wear it inside a low neck dress and show it off mysteriously or if you’re feeling confident and like Karishma, if all your clothes are drenched, wear it like a top. Maximum wearability for the win!

NamaSlay 2Swimsuit on Grishma: Forever 21; Jumpsuit: Nihao. Swimsuit on Karishma: Nidhi Munim; Printed Pants: Forever 21. Blue Platforms on Grishma: G Studio. White Flats on Karishma: Street Style Store


Grishma: Although it’s hard for me to say bye to my stilettos, fashion has to be functional. But these G-Studio rainy shoes have become my new favourite! They are extremely versatile and give me that much needed grip. It comes in a block heel design making it the perfect rainy shoe for anyone wanting a lil bit of a heel.

Karishma: Everyone who knows me or has even met me knows that I have really tiny feet and sometimes have to slyly take a stroll in Zara kids and look for shoes that are my size and don’t make me look like a kid. Every rainy season,when all my friends are wearing cool monsoon shoes, I’m either wearing yucky flip flops or staying at home so that I don’t have to spoil my few precious pairs. But when I stumbled upon these white shoes in my size, I didn’t think about the weather and just bought them, hoping not to regret later. I thanked my stars when these white shoes were not only a perfect fit but also remained white and squeaky clean, proving to be an absolute saviour!


If you are anything like us, your entire wardrobe consists of black,white,grey,navy and more black. Opting for a fun print in a poppy colour like NamaSlay’s Grishma is guaranteed to give your outfit LIFE this season. But if you’re more like Karishma, either get drenched or go for an all over print in a darker colour.

NamaSlay 1Umbrella: Thrifted. White Organza Dress on Grishma: Pamilone; Polo neck cardigan: River Island; Neckpiece: Thrifted. White Organza Top on Karishma: Pamilone; Skirt: Forever 21.


No, this one is not been sponsored by Tide. We, at NamaSlay are all about being fierce (except when we see puppies). We love white too much to not wear it for an entire season. Although wearing white in the rains can be a little risky, we’ve come up with ideas to incorporate the colour without saying goodbye to it. Go for shorter lengths while wearing whites or other light colours to avoid soiling your outfit and getting them covered in muck sprinkles when you walk. Also, steer clear of flip flops as these are the culprits what make it rain muck. Opting for lighter fabrics like the organza pieces is a smarter option too, like  the dress worn by Grishma and sleeveless top worn by Karishma in this look from Pamilone. They dry in no time! Since they are already transparent, it leaves little room for surprise since you’ve layered it keeping in mind that it is transparent. Layer white on white like NamaSlay’s Grishma or wear white with a pop of colour like Karishma.

Picture Courtesy: Saurabh Sawant

Grishma Dalvi & Karishma Shah

Dhwani Shah


Hi guys, so it’s already monsoon and I totally understand how stressful it can get to dress this season. I have handpicked a few looks that I would love to share with you all. Have a look!

Look 1: This look goes really well if you are planning any weekend getaways with your friends or just casual dinners, it’s super comfortable and easy to wear in the rains. You just need to pair any of your dark coloured tees with your long jackets & shorts and you’re ready to go. Also these super stylish rainy sandals are #musthaves & unconventional this season. You can also complete the look with a pair of pop coloured gumboots.

Look 2: Lazy weekends and the rains outside got me living in my flowy asymmetrical dress is from Global desi. You can pair it up with an anklet to complete the look. #musthavethisseason is motif printed umbrella. I personally love this umbrella from Bombay store. This look is perfect for a brunch or tea party with your friends.

Dhwani Shah

Dhwani Shah

How They Glow


Its monsoon season, however, your days need not be gloomy! Counter the dull grey weather with bright shades of red, pink, orange and blue. Wear light blended fabrics such as Lycra or polyester as these clothes are wrinkle free and are easy to wash and dry. We completely agree that bright vibrant colours are for monsoon & that’s why Sanskruti’s monsoon look is colourful and full of life: a bright pink tee with colourful Lycra skirt, minimal accessories, Jelly water-friendly shoes & of course a super-cool umbrella.

It is important to look professional and feel comfortable at work. However during the rainy season, we can’t attend workwearing formal leather shoes or long trousers. Instead, opt for light fabric dresses and skirts.For this look Shruti has created a morning to night look; morning look is a formal attire with a feminine twist. Shruti is wearing dress with pretty stud ear cuffs and a watch and black jelly sandals. For the date night look, just amp up the accessories, change your hairdo & wear heels.

How They GlowBeauty Tips for Monsoon :

Use waterproof liner & mascara. Opt for brighter lip colours  to add a pop of colour in the otherwise gloomy weather.

Monsoon rain can make your hair turn dry, frizzy and dull. For those with dry hair, monsoon season could be a dreadful time. Just oil the scalp with olive oil and tie your hair into a chic high ponytail or tie fishtail braids and look your fashionable best!


On Sanskruti: Bright Pink Tee – Lokhandwala Market (Andheri), Lycra Colourful Skirt and Umbrella – Bandra Hill Road, Neck Accessory – Accessorize , Jelly shoes – Max.

On Shruti: Dress – Felicia by Khushali, Stud earcuffs – Forever 21, Black Jelly Sandals – Bandra Hill Road, Bag – Colaba Causeway, Watch – Guess.

Picture Courtesy: Maharshi Patel, The Canon Eye

Sanskruti Ingle & Shruti Ingle.

The Meow Code

The monsoon season makes everything look beautiful and green, however the weather can get pretty gloomy. Luckily, nothing cheers up a gloomy day more than a cute bright outfit!

Opt for colourful, lightweight clothing such as shorts, skirts and culottes to avoid your clothes getting messy and drenched from the rains. Go for fabrics which dry up easily – denims should evidently be ditched. Dress up your attire with monsoon accessorises like cute printed umbrellas, rain boots, neon accessories, sheer bags and trench coats. Dress up in a vivid ensemble this season and be the pop of colour on a rainy day!

Meow CodeRitika Kuniyal


WhatchiqShambhavi Bijutkar

The Style Drug

Monsoons are finally here and it’s time to rework our wardrobes. Whites, light colours and sheers have to be reserved for winters. Dressing for monsoon is no easy task but one can dress up or down in style and keep it trendy. Opt for dark coloured clothing, minimal accessories, rain friendly flat shoes and a trendy waterproof bag. Also carry a quirky umbrella to highlight your outfit and you are set to go!

The Style Drug

Lots of Love,


Sonali Singh

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