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Comeback of the 90’s trends! - Love And Other Bugs


Comeback of the 90’s trends!

As true as the saying ‘what goes around comes around’ holds for Karma, it’s also the perfect way to describe our ever-changing fashion cycle. For those of us feeling some massive 90’s nostalgia, good news, they’re back, bigger than ever!

Booming with pop culture and music, the 90’s gave us some of our biggest fashion icons. Right from unforgettable TV shows like Sex and The City and F.R.I.E.N.D.S., to all time classic teenage rom-coms like Pretty Woman, Clueless and Never Been Kissed, 90s fashion was full of originality with a mix of quirk, goth, grunge and glamour. Not to mention it’s the decade responsible for the rise of our favourite 90s pop stars – The Spice Girls, Britney and Madonna who set style trends for teenage girls all over the world with their cropped tops, tattoo chokers and body glitter.


So whether you like it or not, the 90’s are back like they never left. Here’s a list of our favourite trends and some inspo of how you can recreate them into your 2017 wardrobes.

Fishnet Fever, anyone?

This new accessory is a fierce and fearless trend which is perfect for the punk Goddess in you. It has taken Instagram by storm and been spotted on a lot of the sartorially savvy IT girls, bloggers and models among others.

Rock a bad girl vibe with some ripped jeans over it, or a pair of sexy hot shorts. Add a little extra texture to your girly skater dress or play peek-a-boo by showing just a hint of it at the ankles. Just make sure to have fun with this trend while it lasts!

fishnet jennifer

THEN- Jennifer Lopez ; NOW- Kendall Jenner

Velvet. Verified and Validated!

Now it doesn’t get more 90’s than velvet! Although it’s known to be more popular as a fall/winter fabric, it’s been making it’s rounds this season in the form of pastel shades, shorter dresses, power suits. We love how it adds that touch of glam to an outfit and has quickly become fashion’s new obsession. We’re especially drooling over these velvet slip-dresses that have been making the insta-rounds lately and the velvet swimsuits that are just calling out to us..  “take me to the beach!”


THEN- Madonna; NOW- Trishala Sikka


THEN- Sarah Jessica Parker ; NOW- Shereen Sikka

Velvet Accessories

Who wouldn’t want to include velvet shoes, handbags or even choker neck pieces in their current closets? Well, we totally would and to top that we think so should you.

In these ways, you can easily wear velvet like it’s 1999! So, don’t just knock off this fabric trend until you actually try it 🙂


Sling: Gucci; Choker – Asos; Cap – H & M; Footwear – Asos


  Spacebun Sugar!

Once an iconic trend worn by the likes of Gwen Stefani and Björk, the spacebuns, aka double buns, are giving us major 90s flashbacks! Recently sported on Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande, this is a summer hairstyle we’re totally digging! Now, go ahead and make them your own by either rocking these on top of your head or at them bottom.

space buns 3

THEN- Britney Spears ; NOW- Shereen Sikka

Up Next, we have…

Brown. The new Red

In the makeup world, this moody and unconventional colour is a bit of a dark horse. And even though, finding the right hue isn’t easy, the deeper or a lighter one will definitely work. From looking great on any skin colour, it can almost be considered – a neutral one. No wonder, Mac Cosmetics has introduced its retro matte line.

brown lips 2

THEN- Drew Barrymore ; NOW- Shereen Sikka

In addition to that, even before being approved by Kylie Jenner, Huda Kattan etc, it was actors- Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow from Friends (sitcom) who deserve all the credit. Furthermore, when our aunt- Romia Tuli served up some 90’s fashion inspiration and we couldn’t have been happier 🙂

All in all, here’s something we would be keen to know – what’s not to love about this sea of chocolate lips?

brown lips

Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

brown lipstick

Romia Tuli

Lastly, thanks to the 90’s resurgence, we want you to fast track your wardrobe into this year with these outfit updaters –

Platfrom Heels

Since the 90’s inspiration is in full swing, we’re endlessly obsessed with comfortable sling backs, embroidered, cross strapped – Platform heels. Think vibrant hues and prints. With the help of them you can easily take your look to the next level.

platform heels

THEN- Julia Roberts ; NOW- Trishala Sikka

Round Retro Frames

You ought to know how much we are loving to wear the playful – Round Retro frames now. P.S. – Such ‘bad boys’ were essentially the original hipster sunglasses which only remind us of John Lennon from the 70’s and Drew Barrymore channelled them in the 90’s.

round glasses

THEN- Drew Barrymore ; NOW- Shereen Sikka

Choker Craze

Influencers, from Gigi Hadid to Rihanna, are embracing it now. Back then, trendsetters – Paris Hilton, Britney Spears etc made them work and how.  Nowadays, the dainty ones in leather or frayed denim hit the right notes during 2017. Also the ultra-feminine neckpieces in fur, printed and the tie up chokers look so damn cool.


THEN- Reese Witherspoon ; NOW- Rihanna

Hooked on to Hoops

While seriously reminding us of dressing up like – Eva Mendes, Christina Aguilera and Carrie Bradshaw (SATC)  such statement – making pieces are quite a pleasant surprise in 2017. So in case you’ve discarded your old pair,  invest in them right away.

hoops 5

THEN- Eva Mendes ; NOW- Trishala Sikka

So, if you were doubtful about reliving moments from that era, then we hope our story has sorted you out.

Written by Amaira Chhabria

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