Summer Backpacks!

Summer is all about easy-going styles, lots of comfort, and even more colour which is why we’re stoked that backpacks are not just for school anymore!

So, if you are looking to get one, then you ought to take a look at the Perse by Stuffcool’s modern and minimal line. These urban backpacks are carefully crafted in quality faux leather and come in a bunch of different shapes and colours. We love how lightweight and comfortable they are, which is what makes them perfect for travels. Also, in order, to capture a cool, city-girl look, this collection has blended clean, chic aesthetics with a contemporary feel.


Now, while we are on the subject of details, their backpacks are punctuated with metal accents and zips which provide a dramatic twist to them. Essentially, the brand has combined design and functionality so as to ease today’s millennials needs. Having adjustable straps, such pieces are extremely easy to carry around.

That aside, there are other purposes too – from fitting in a laptop, notebook along with a pair of shoes, they are spacious so as to hide your small treasures too. Well, that’s what pockets are for. Apart from that, such bags are versatile enough to work for running errands, daily work life and night outs too.

Additionally, while styling them, we’ve not only considered the traditional carrying-on-the-back concept but are also urging you to carry them in hand. For example, in certain looks, we wanted to completely ignore the straps and held them from top handles instead.

Moreover, you can easily play around with them while color blocking or simply making it the statement piece, which such affordable prices, you can literally get one for each day of the week (:P) So, whether you are dressed up or down, such knapsacks will sort you out. So, have you chosen yours already?

Written by Amaira Chhabria

Photography by Vijit Gupta

Video by Neha Giani

Styled by Chandni Bahri