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Rediscovering Burberry Icons - Love And Other Bugs


Rediscovering Burberry Icons

The British Luxury Fashion House, Burberry is 161 years old; its coats have been worn by soldiers in World War I. Decades thereafter the brand earned a royal warrant and became the official supplier to the Royal family. Bursting with British sensibilities, its eye-catching check can easily be spotted from a distance. Synonymous with quality and excellence, Burberry is globally appreciated by those who favour smart and clean styles. Moreover, while maintaining the vitality of the brand, their designs along with fabrics so far have evolved as well as been reimagined through innovation. For them, tailoring is the name of the game. And for that reason, it came as no surprise to me that their heritage pieces are literally the foundation of the brand.

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Iconic Creations

A timeless piece, I consider their Trench coats to seriously be more than just being mere clothing. Little did I know, that it’s made from a water repellent fabric – Gabardine, making it weather proof.  Then it occurred to me that I could not only wear it while traveling internationally but also unflinchingly do so across our country.

To make it perfectly symmetrical, their check lining inside the light weight coat is carefully stitched. And for a fluid curve on the collar, they require 180 tiny stitches done by hand. Additionally, were you aware, that each military detail of the trench coat serves a purpose. Isn’t that just something! Here’s more –

It’s belt is a signature detail and features metal D-rings, originally used to carry an individuals belongings.


D-rings: Made in metal, D rings are shaped like the alphabet D and are hung from the belt.

Also, their ‘gun flap’ and ‘back shield’ still have the ability to act as a storm shield.

gun flap

Gun Flaps: The gun flap is placed to the right of the chest on the trench coat.



Back Shield: Its the storm flap or deep back yoke which rests on the shoulders of the coat.

There are fashion purposes too – their ‘epaulettes’ are used to withhold a scarf between it whereas the utility of the ‘cuff strap’ is that it can be easily be tightened.


Epaulettes: These are straps placed on top of the shoulders. AND Cuff straps: Each cuff, has a sleeve straps wrapped around it known as the cuff straps.

Lastly, you can style it just by unbuttoning and inversing it. All you got to do is – tie the two centre buttons towards the ends. This will make sure that your outfit worn inside it is clearly visible. stylered-coat-style

Moving on, created in the Scottish countryside, their 100% Cashmere Scarves use methods handed down from generations. Over one million of the 3 styles: Giant Check, Solid Cashmere and Crinkled Giant Check are sold each year. Carefully woven on a traditional loom and washed in spring water, they undergo different finishing processes to provide a super soft feel. Also, the delicate fringes are hand-made.

It’s the main point of difference is their process that creates a subtle blurring and luxurious ripple effect. Furthermore, there is one distinctive Burberry’s reversible scarf with a solid hue on one side along with hearts on the other which is surely on my lust list. And interestingly, for a one-of-a-kind touch both – their heritage outerwear and accessory can be personalised with a monogram.

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Shereen Sikka in Burberry’s reversible scarf


Shereen Sikka in Burberry’s reversible scarf

3N3A2533 selectedBut what makes their iconic designs so ‘coveted’? Personally speaking, I think it’s essential to have the Burberry experience. Also, since I am constantly on the go, such staples are undoubtedly worthwhile investments. And everyone who is fashion driven will surely feel a sense of urgency to preserve them just the same way, you might do, for anything else of value. So, if you are that millennial I am referring to, then you’ll not just find interest in them but also love’em!

On Shereen:

The Sandringham – Mid-Length Heritage Trench Coat


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Written by Amaira Chhabria

Photography by Mohit Varu

Video by Neha Giani

Location: Sula Vineyards

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