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Karleo - The Artistic Ateliers

For every girl, her wedding is a chance to be a ‘princess’ for that day. And as we know it – her main outfit is symbolic of that major event in her life. Moreover, every bride wants her silhouette to be oh-so perfect. Fortunately, for them, there are designers such as Karan Berry and Leon Vaz who have mastered the art of creating work intensive pieces at their bridal boutique – Karleo.

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Karan Berry and Leon Vaz

It’s well known that fashion is usually trend driven but for this duo it’s intensely personal. With their distinct personalities, they try to interpret fashion in their own way. By redefining it, the two of them have been pushing boundaries of western bridalwear from the last 3 years. Back in 2014, Karleo showcased their opulent collection at Lakme Fashion Week and soon moved onto holding private previews at their studio.

Every year, they have only 12-15 brides on board as it takes almost 6 months to complete a silhouette. Each garment has a story which is weaved behind the customized design. That said, there are multiple ingredients that go into creating their elaborate couture as well as demi couture silhouettes. For one, when the bride walks in to their studio, she will require a couple of appointments that will be followed by taking her through references and later on comes the design stage.


Here, the two of them create a mock of the designed piece for her which instantly reminded us of the processes at a fashion school. Moving on, fabric swatches, subtle artwork like thread embroideries, hand painting etc and everything else is approved by her. We love that the bride is kept engaged at every stage of the making.

Then her final fittings along with alterations take place. All this sounds like quite a holistic approach, doesn’t it? But hang in there, as Karleo provides for a lot more. By that we mean – A bride can get her veil, shoes, hand-made jewels and hair accessories too from them. Additionally, they advise her about hairdos, makeup and even innerwear by customizing corsets. Now, that’s refreshing!

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While catering to a new age modern bride, Karan and Leo also ensure to give her bridesmaid a lowdown on do’s and don’ts about the last-minute alterations. This takes place just before her big day. That aside, what has so far been intriguing even for them, was an instance wherein one of their clientele requested for an all-black outfit which is considered inauspicious by many.

But, the designers were rather pleased to breaking away from cliché’s and go ahead with one. Whew! We’re been left speechless by them. For us, Karleo is at the forefront of innovation in the bridal design space. We felt as though it’s been a trip of passion for the duo. By going down to the last detail, they leave absolutely no stone unturned and this is exactly why their atelier is a one-stop shop for any bride.

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Written by Amaira Chhabria

Shot by Neha Chandrakanth

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