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Where traditional meets contemporary: Amrapali x Swarovski for CONFLUENCE - Love And Other Bugs


Where traditional meets contemporary: Amrapali x Swarovski for CONFLUENCE

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about jewelry is that – it’s not just a piece of accessory! It’s that added sparkle to my ensemble, a great conversation starter and can also become the most trans-formative piece one can ever wear.

So, when the world-renowned International brand – Swarovski collaborated with 11 pre-eminent designers from India including Manish Arora, Suneet Varma, Shivan & Narresh, etc. to celebrate their 15-year journey in India, they launched an exclusive jewelry collective – Confluence. And after taking just one look at their creations, I actually started making some room for them in my bauble box.

Outfit- Natasha J ; Jewelry- Swarovski x Amrapali

Outfit- Natasha J ; Jewelry- Swarovski x Amrapali

Synonymous with superior quality and crystal expertise, I liked the fact that Swarovski is getting a local perspective along with the Indian forces of fashion. Plus, it’s catering to local tastes of modern millennials in India. Some of my favorite pieces are from their association with the legendary jewelry brand – Amrapali. Literally speaking, for me, it couldn’t get better than this!

Their crystal infused line includes designs which have a traditional approach, yet contemporary in their appeal. With ‘ethnic chic’ being a part of its DNA, the jewelry brand has blended tradition with modernity in unexpected ways. In my opinion, their exceptional craftsmanship stands out, as every piece is hand-made. Apart from that, such jewels are beautifully studded with crystals from Swarovski that resemble

Outfit- Natasha J ; Jewelry- Swarovski x Amrapali

Outfit- Natasha J ; Jewelry- Swarovski x Amrapali

the shades of amethyst, light sapphire etc. and are set in brass metal alongside heritage inspired motifs. Plated with 22 carat gold, this jewelry pairs perfectly with ensembles for the upcoming festive season. From the entire lot, I got my hands on their lightweight ‘Sunset ritual cuff’ and ‘Sunset gold pendant’. Essentially, such authentic pieces are not at all complicated or a hassle to style with. And while playing

around with my well-constructed outfit by designer Natasha J, I was keen to step it up with these versatile pieces as they complimented its colors, so seamlessly. Not only did they brighten up my separates, but also gave my ensemble a touch of sparkle and elegance. Also, they are ideal for those of you, just like me, who are looking to draw inspiration from such intricate jewels and dress, accordingly.

Outfit- Natasha J ; Jewelry- Swarovski x Amrapali

Last but not the least, I found this really interesting feature in the beautifully packaged box, that was the holographic Ingredient Branding seal which authenticates the usage of genuine Swarovski crystals. At par with other international jewelry houses, this tag has a unique 16-digit code that once put into their website, verifies each piece’s authenticity.

I feel that the Confluence collective has something for everyone and every creation from it, tells a story such that it will surely become yours to relate to once you embrace it. You can either start adding to your collection by shopping at the Minerali store or click on this link to have it delivered right to your doorstep:

Outfit- Natasha J ; Jewelry- Swarovski x Amrapali


Written by Amaira Chhabria

Photography by Tiana Kamte

Beauty by Afreen

Location- Tag GourmART by Ranveer Brar

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