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16 designers to keep your GOWN GAME on point! - Love And Other Bugs


16 designers to keep your GOWN GAME on point!

Here’s the thing, wearing gowns for receptions, cocktail style soirees and so on is nothing new. But, such outfits turn out to be the trickiest as there’s a fine line between taking the tasteful route and looking downright tacky! Also, more often than not, when you’ll customize one, it’ll somehow end up looking like an Anarkali without a dupatta. And that’s something you wouldn’t want to get caught dead in. Instead, why not make your choices count by taking cues from for actors like Sonam Kapoor, Priyanka

Chopra etc. After all, on a weekly basis, they’re bringing their A game onto red carpets in epic Giambattista Valli or Elie Saab gowns. So, let’s face it, there’s got to be a way to come closest to such exclusive couture gowns. Without having to sell a kidney, of course. Which is why we’ve done some legwork and found a mix of high end and premium designers who’ll best fit your design needs –

#1 Sketch to Reality by Pernia’s Pop-up Shop

Being the first of its kind in India, they’ve re-imagined online shopping by bringing out the designer in you! So for your dream experience to come to life, all you need to do is sit back at your desk, pick your favorite illustration, embroidery, color & fabric and leave it up to the portal to work it’s magic! Best of all? Your wearable piece of art will be exactly how you’ve envisioned it & delivered within 2 weeks.

#2 Karleo by Karan Berry & Leon Vaz

Since you’ve imagined your big day to look like a fairy tale, you’ll need a dress to match. That’s when their bridal wear steps in. Born out of the design sensibilities of international couture, they’ve mastered the art of creating work intensive, ethereal gowns. Every design from this atelier has a story weaved behind it. No wonder their pieces are sure shot scene stealers & feel like the ultimate personal luxury!

#3 Gaurav Gupta

Because what if you’re a nonconformist whose idea of a gown isn’t traditional? Then, you won’t be able to resist his pieces which are fierce and groundbreaking, all at once. Known to imbibe elements of fantasy and surrealism, his sculptural drapes, futuristic detail etc are worthy of appreciation from every angle!All in all, every season at Fashion weeks he has piece by piece; re-defined what occasion wear can be!

#4 Amit Aggarwal

Because whoever said upcycled & recycled gowns can’t be cool obviously never laid eyes on his sustainable couture ones. Far from being run-of-the-mill, Amit’s fashion-forward label is synonymous with designs that erupt out of the most mundane things to serve a larger cause. Plus, the impact of his highly dimensional gowns with intense craftsmanship will never ever cease to amaze anyone!

#5 Shriya Som 

Frankly, we know you may not be able to channel your inner goddess on daily basis (because of dress code of course), but when you’re wearing her creation anything is fair game. Crafted with finesse she takes the idea of dainty floral detailing, amps it up about 10 notches with textured embroidery, purposeful add-ons. And the results: ultra-pretty outfits with the right amount of glamour.

 A post shared by Shriya Som (@shriyasom) on


A post shared by Shriya Som (@shriyasom) on

#6 Zara Umrigar

If you’re obsessed with all things classic, then her shimmery evening wear with trails, big ballroom gowns and so on will be totally up your alley. Drawing inspiration from contemporary fabrics  & old-world glamour, every hand embroidered creation from Zara is rich in intricate details like crystal, sequins etc plus they’ll always serve up as the ultimate blend of sex appeal and effortlessness!


#7 Shehla Khan 

Because once you’ve worn her exquisite gowns you can prepare yourself to hear ‘Oh girl, you nailed it’. Long story short, poetry in motion would be the best way to describe her meticulously crafted designs. The layers upon layers of ruffles, lace detailing and lightweight tulle add dimension and volume to her silhouette’s which create flirty, feminine looks that are nothing short of being dreamy!

#8 Sharnita Nandwana

 Having plenty of personality, she designs silk chiffon styles which work for the day & evening. Also, her sleek pieces with high-low hemlines, delicate pleats, subtle embellishment and wait for it, the deep concealed pockets are too good to be true.  Plus, the adjustable tiebacks in a few of her designs might tempt you to walk backwards only to show this detail off. So, what more could you ask for?

#9 Nadine by Nadine Dhody Jiwrajka

 Sophisticated doesn’t even begin to cover her silhouette’s that serve up a serious dose of sparkle. Pleasing to the eyes, not only do Nadine’s gowns fit like a glove but these also hit all the right notes with their artful cuts, intricate embroidery, and interesting hues. Perfect for a cocktail style soiree, you’d want to keep your accessories understated so as to let the details of her gowns shine through.

A post shared by NADINE DHODY (@nadine_dhody) on

A post shared by NADINE DHODY (@nadine_dhody) on

#10 Monisha Jaisingh

Oh, the possibilities. Basically, we’re saying no matter what look you’re after, all her entrance making gowns are total knockouts. True to her aesthetic, her designs bring an eclectic vibe to modern allure and whether it’s her lame or tulle gowns, these literally give the idea being feminine and sexy, a whole new meaning. No wonder they’ll always bring in that question – Who are you wearing?

#11 Shantanu and Nikhil

Since you’re aiming for a winning look, this designer duo’s understated creations are it. Having a signature style of incorporating a symphony of drapes and structures, their designs literally eliminate the need for attention-grabbing accents. And you can count on us when we say, as you wear their free-flowing evening gowns or even the voluminous ones, you’ll want to give them that well deserved epic twirl.

#12 ATSU by Atsu Sekhose

There’s a reason his gowns strike the perfect balance between modern edge and classic elegance. Much of his design sensibilities revolve around drawing from his native place such that he then re-imagines and incorporates his unique take on tribal colors, patterns, textures etc. onto his pieces. And that in itself is enough to make anyone’s heart skip a beat!

A post shared by Atsu_official (@atsusekhose) on

A post shared by Atsu_official (@atsusekhose) on

#13 Bhaavya Bhatnagar

If you’re a sucker for gowns wherein a minimalist vibe collides with hints of drama, then we’ve made you meet the designer of your dreams. Exuding luxe, her lightweight pieces feature subtle drapes, flawless finishing touches and so on are not only straight-up swoon-worthy but are guaranteed to make umpteen heads turn!

#14 Nikhil Thampi

Because we never really met a Nikhil Thampi gown we didn’t quite like and this season was no exception. Having a signature sexy designs aesthetic, he emphasizes on fits, cuts, & flair such that his no fuss just graceful cut out gowns, draped silhouettes etc never ever let your style sensibilities down. Plus as you wear his creations, expect others around you turn green with envy!

A post shared by Nikhil Thampi (@nikhilthampi) on

A post shared by Nikhil Thampi (@nikhilthampi) on

A post shared by Nikhil Thampi (@nikhilthampi) on

#15 Falguni and Shane Peacock

If you’re someone who relates to that larger than life sense of style then you’ll love their show-stopping silhouettes. From the duo’s use of color to diverse inspiration along with their understanding of pure, unadulterated luxury, each creation is the kind that’ll make your jaws drop. Also, their attention to details like feathers, intricate beading and so on is seriously second to none!

#16 Swapnil Shinde

Because after he’s given simple styles a glamorous spin, every gown from his line, delivers and how! With subtle details, his designs feel as though there’s never been a better use of colors. And whether it’s his figure-hugging pieces or flowy ones these are not only drool-worthy but are also the kind that could easily cause a stir.

Now, you can officially consider your search for “the one” over as gowns from these designers are the sort that you’ll wanna repin them over and over again.

Written by Amaira Chhabria



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