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SIREN - Love And Other Bugs



The Inspiration:

SIREN: ˈsʌɪr(ə)n/
each of a number of women or winged creatures whose singing lured unwary sailors on to rocks.

Every project starts off with an idea, a vision, or an inspiration. You keep it in mind, discuss it with the team, and make it the focus of your project. When you work with a bunch of talented, creative people, most often than not, things will take a completely different turn mid-way, and the end result will be this beautiful amalgamation of everyone’s thoughts. This is one of the many things I love about what we do at LAOB. Even while we shot Bhumika Sharma’s campaign, our initial idea was that of a sweet and dewy-eyed little lady, and before we knew it, we had graduated into what looked like a mystical, kind of evil forest creature.

The Collection:

We’ve been keeping a close eye on Bhumika Sharma’s work for a while now, her subtle play of florals and pastels give her garments this soft, ethereal feel that we absolutely love, and we’re so happy to have collaborated with her this time around. She has a way of recreating florals, through prints and embroidery in the most unique ways every season. And with this collection, we’ve seen a very modern take on it with box pleated pants, crop tops, and capes.

The Team:

The minute we saw it, we knew we absolutely had to use flowers in the shoot. Even though flower walls and arrangements have been super popular if shoots these days, we began thinking of how we can make this different. Janki Desai, founder of Altair Decor is the one who followed through on that vision. Not only did the studio smell amazing during the shoot (:P), but all of us were also excited to take the flowers home after.

Tenzin with her MAD beauty skills, managed to add that element of edge and make the hair and makeup really stand out.

Neha, one of our favorite photographers has always been amazing capturing and creating a mood with every frame.

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