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The Elle India Beauty Awards 2017 are here! - Love And Other Bugs


The Elle India Beauty Awards 2017 are here!

You know why we can’t wait for the Elle Beauty Awards 2017? Ever since we won the Elle Blogger of the year award back in 2015, we’ve been closely following them, only because they are designed to celebrate the very best in the beauty business. And, for this year’s 11th Edition, we’re just as curious and excited to find out which game-changing products are about to become must-haves, make it

to our ultimate shopping list and fill up our shelf space too. So, in a quick chat with Elle’s Beauty Editor, Mamta Mody herself, she gave us a lowdown on what goes on behind the scenes at the most awaited beauty awards of the year? Here’s what’s in store for you-

# What’s the process behind curating awards?

Being a culmination of a 7-month long process, it starts with reaching out to brands across India, followed by receiving entries for 28 sub-categories under 7 larger ones, including –

  1. Skincare (anti-aging serums, anti-aging day and night cream, Brightening day and night creams, serums and face oils, moisturizers, under eye care, exfoliators, cleansers, suncare, face masks and BB, CC creams and face moisturizers)
  2. Makeup (foundations, concealer, blushes, bronzers, lipsticks and glasses, eyeshadow and liners, mascara, nail colors and care)
  3. Fragrances (day & night)
  4. Body care (hands and feet, shaping and firming, scrubs lotions, creams, butters)
  5. Hair care (shampoos, conditioners, conditioners and masks, serums and leave-ins)
  6. Men’s products (fragrances, grooming products, hair care, skincare)
  7. Gadgets (skincare, hair car, and make-up)

At Elle, all entries get accepted on the basis of products being launched between April 2016 to April 2017. The idea behind it all is to honour products that you wouldn’t want to live without, for the year.

                # Meet the decision makers – The Jury & Editors

This time around, we’ve hosted two Jury sessions. In Mumbai it included makeup and hair experts like Namrata Soni, Cory Walia, Daniel Bauer whereas in New Delhi, makeup artist Deepa Verma and dermatologist Dr. Kiran Lohia gave their expert opinions. Ultimately, they picked their top 10 in each category which were then put to online voting for a month & around 8-9 thousand readers gave

readers gave their verdict. Interestingly, in every category, one product wins the popular award chosen by the experts & readers. For instance, under makeup, one lipstick will win this award and then, there’s another winner, the Editors Picks which gets approved by the Elle India’s team after trying, testing and finding favourites. The latter is also picked by 46 International Beauty editors.

               # What makes a brand eligible?

Apart from fulfilling the criteria of being launched within a certain time frame, all brands, new, independent or existing, are required to send across testers that would last for at least two months. Also, their products must fall into Elle’s categories as year on year, these get reviewed, renewed and updated depending on trends. In 2015, face masks, BB and CC creams were added & toners were taken off.

            # Biggest beauty trends this year are?

At Elle, we’ve come across homegrown brands like Purearth, Kama Ayurveda to popular names such a Maybelline, L’oreal etc and even international brands from shopping websites who have not only participated but have also won! And nowadays brands are not only focusing on the organic and vegan aspect but are especially highlighting the use of natural, botanical ingredients like olive oil, argan oil, fruit extracts etc in their formulas, making each one oh-so unique!

           # Trends to look forward to?

  • Products are way smarter and are all dual purpose.
  • In the makeup space, experimenting is being encouraged. Winners in the popular category are mostly classic concealer, foundation such that everyone can find a shade in there.
  • Skincare isn’t scary anymore. Simple products as opposed to complicated ones are being favoured. 2017’s skin care list is a healthy mix which makes it a beginner’s paradise!
  • Among the winners, a few products are easy on the pocket. No wonder there is something for everyone!
  • Super intimating products like an eye cream that’s won, looks quite high tech but it’s sure to intrigue beauty junkies to try new things.

           # Your top criteria’s to select winners were…

Internally, within editors and the Elle India team marksheets are distributed and products are judged on the basis of effectiveness, functionality in terms of packaging, strong enough, easy to carry on the go etc. And products that won’t break the bank, efficiency plus results within the 2 months testing period. FYI, this year’s winners have surprised me as it’s got a few underdogs in terms of homegrown labels which are just as good as luxury brands!

              # For you, 2017’s most interesting categories  

Apart from facemasks and face scrubs being cool, we can’t wait to reveal it all. From my perspective two categories – skincare and fragrances are the most confusing for many! So, in the skincare space the winner will surely make it to your best beauty buys, this year. Also, I’ve got to add that fragrances have got two winners in the day and evening category and these will totally sort you out!

And as for us, at LAOB, we’ve not only have our eyes set on the winners but our ears are perked up too. So just like us you too should get ready to stock up!

Written by Amaira Chhabria

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