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Palmer's New Olive Oil Formula Range - Love And Other Bugs


Palmer's New Olive Oil Formula Range


There’s no denying that it’s never too late to level up your skin and hair care game. But more often than not, we are overwhelmed with a number of beauty products out there vying for our limited shelf space. No wonder when we came across brand Palmers line of products infused with the ultimate multi-tasker, olive oil, we couldn’t help but include these worthy additions to our beauty regimen.

Among beauty oils, olive oil isn’t dubbed ‘liquid gold’ for nothing! In every sense of the word, it’s a miracle worker that tackles one to many problems. To top that, this U.S based brands organic range is free from sulphates, mineral oil, parabens, phthalates and is completely gluten free too, making them totally worth pampering ourselves with from head to toe. And here’s all that you need to know about them…


  1. Olive Oil Shampoo

Searching for a shampoo that won’t break your heart or your ends while luring you in its charming fragrances? Then you’ve hit up the beauty matchmakers. No matter what your hair situation, curly, coloured, thin or even natural, Palmers has an olive oil infused shampoo for everyone.  From their anti-dandruff scalp scrub one to the smoothing shampoo these intend to smoothen out the frizz, replenishes the moisture and solve just about any hair problem.

2. Olive Oil Conditioner

Looking to re-up your stash of conditioning products? Consider Palmer’s super luxe range. Whether it’s their replenishing conditioner or the unique no lather shampoo alternative, both can help in recovering damaged hair. Even though these are infused with extra virgin olive oil it’s the first one that’s meant for frizz prone hair whereas the latter works for curly, natural hair. And don’t even get us started on its moisturizing consistency, as both claim to literally melt knots, tangles and snarls away from your hair.

3. Olive Oil Leave-in Conditioner

Hair styling can do some serious damage. And this is true no matter your texture, affinity for trying new colours or the seasons. Which is why, Palmers lightweight leave-in conditioner feels like its god sent for frizz-prone hair. Not only does this one spritz wonder aim to bring back dull hair to life, strengthen hair from root to tip and act as a heat protectant but also transforms rough ends. And did we mention, it works well on dry or wet hair and can be used daily too.

4. Olive Oil Protein Pack

The constant use of harsh chemicals and contact with pollution often breaks down hair’s protein. Which is why, a powerhouse product can come to our rescue. And Palmers protein pack does just that and more. Thanks to its organic extra virgin olive oil combined with soya bean oil and keratin, this next level pack gives weak hair all the anti-oxidants it needs. Also, it restructures tresses to give them extra bounce, which anyone would be envious of. Just apply this deep conditioning magic and leave it on for a few minutes.

5. Olive Oil Body Lotion

Luscious lotions are a no-brainer when it comes to solving skin care woes. And there is no better way to quench dry skin than with their no-fuss one which tends to wrap your skin from chin below with some serious TLC. In addition to being fast absorbing and non-greasy, it’s infused with vitamin E which provides the highest concentration of anti-oxidants.  As a result, you won’t regret adding their lotion to your daily regimen.

6. Skin Therapy Oil

While the idea of applying oil to our faces may seem outrageous, but contrary to what most believe it’s one-way ticket to a healthy complexion, whatever your skin type. Jam-packed with pure precious oils, retinol, vitamin C and cetesomate E complex etc. Palmers face oil intends to change up your life by showing you some serious benefits. From promising wrinkle free moisturized skin to brightening skin tone and texture it works to give you that highly sought after youthful glow.


Shot by Neha Chandrakant

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Written by Amaira Chhabria

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