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Nail Art Trends We Love! The Negative and Nude Story - Love And Other Bugs


Nail Art Trends We Love! The Negative and Nude Story

For those of you who haven’t heard, we’re so excited to tell you guys that we’re going to be doing a lot of beauty stories on the blog. The reason for this fun, new venture is a lot of questions being asked to us about our skin care regimes, the make-up we use, what we do to our hair, etc.

LAOB- Beauty, will be an honest and genuine platform for us to share some of our favourite tips, tricks and trends for anything and everything BEAUTY! Now we’re fairly new at this so we’d absolutely love to know what you think and if there’s anything specific you want us to talk about, just drop us a comment and we’ll make sure it happens.

The Negative and Nude Story

Let’s face it, we can all spend ages on Pinterest and Instagram looking at those insane nail art pictures, techniques, DIYs, the works! But most often than not, the real result is quite different from those picture perfect nails. In this story we want to talk about some of our favourite nail art trends that are a safe bet, no matter what you’re wearing or the shape and size of your nails.

Negative space nail art is where you show hints of your bare nail, or even most of it as a part of the design. It’s edgy and chic, but not in an overpowering kind of way. We wanted to play around with geometric shapes and straight lines to keep it contemporary. Given the fact that you’ll want to keep it on for at least a week to ten days, we’ve kept the colours neutral with bits of metallic so that it doesn’t clash with your everyday outfits. Although these can be done with regular nail polish, we’ve used gel polish to give it a smoother and more even look.

Nails 1

On Shereen: A twist to the French manicure, with half the nail in white and a thin line of purple to give it more definition


Nails 3

On Trishala: Nude nails with 2 lines of silver stripe tape on the top



Nails 5

On Shereen: Bare nails with golden triangles using the foiling technique, this can be done even with regular gold polish, but foiling gives it a more 3D effect.


. Nails layout

On Trishala: Negative space Aztec nails in orange with a biscuit brown outline for definition.


Nails by Anisha Gwalani- +91 9867465577

Wardrobe courtesy: Crazy Heart

Photography by Anai Bharucha

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