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My Guide To Hair Rehab - BBLUNT - Love And Other Bugs


My Guide To Hair Rehab - BBLUNT


When it comes to mending damaged hair, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. And I for one feel that to achieve those gram worthy strong, healthy locks it’s essential to address the reasons behind worn out tresses. From using too many heat tools and chemical treatments, to living an erratic lifestyle, along with our weather – not to mention the pollution, all tend to make my hair vulnerable to damage. To top that, there is nothing more heartbreaking than to see warning signs of damage: split ends, breakage, shorter hair at the roots, dullness and brittle ends.

Which is why, seasonally I’m always searching for products that’ll rescue my straw-like strands and bring them back from the brink of doom in almost no time. And as I came across BBLUNT’s 3 step Repair Remedy range, I couldn’t help but include them into my hair care regimen. No matter what your hair situation, this popular brand is always pushing the envelope and constantly introducing mane menders for everyone. Oh, and did I mention these are created specifically for Indian hair, and they protect your colour! Plus they are jam-packed with an unusual blend of Keratin and Argan oil which are sure to work magic from root to tip. Here’s how you can easily improve your hair’s health:




Step 1 Kick start with a Shampoo

Fight hard to manage locks with BBLUNT’s Repair Remedy Shampoo with a smoothening formula. For that much desired shiny, soft and irresistibly smooth feel, just wet your hair, take one pump then spread it evenly by massaging it into your scalp and eventually rinse thoroughly.




Step 2 Continue with a Conditioner

After you’ve finished shampooing, remove the excess water then apply the conditioner evenly from mid-lengths to ends (avoid your scalp), and leave it for 3 minutes. Not only will BBLUNT’s Repair Remedy Conditioner nourish your strands inside out but it will also lock in hydration for a fresh out of salon finish.



Step 3 Conclude with a Leave-In Cream

A worthy addition, it works best on towel dried hair and can without a shadow of doubt help you win over your hair woes. Take a coin-sized amount of the BBLUNT  Repair Remedy Leave-In Cream in your palm, apply evenly by paying attention to mid-lengths and ends then watch how it freezes your hairstyle in place leaving it looking glossy.





Long story short, such products are right up my alley only because they are highly effective while taming my troublesome hair and reviving strands from inside out.

– Written by Shereen Sikka and Amaira Chhabria

– Photography by Neha Chandrakant





















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