My Beauty Pledge

Despite India’s diversity, sometimes society’s definition of beauty can be incredibly narrow. This expectation has created a set of rules for women to follow. Dove has always believed in real beauty, beauty that is diverse and authentic.

And, that’s how I feel it should be celebrated. On the eve of their 60th anniversary, Dove partnered with legendary photographer Mario Testino and Vogue India to capture six Indian women, who redefine what it means to be beautiful.

Flipping through this month’s Vogue India, it was so nice to see real women in the Dove campaign.  The brand has taken the Real Beauty Pledge where it vows now to feature models in their campaigns and instead have real women portrayed as they are.

Here’s my vow – I pledged to always love myself, no matter how my skin or hair looks. Regardless of my height or weight. I am and always will be grateful for what I have and to always remember that happy girls are the most beautiful.

  • Written by Amaira Chhabria