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How To Get The Perfect Pout? - Love And Other Bugs


How To Get The Perfect Pout?

 Every girl desires the perfect pout and struggles in her own ways of getting it own point. I decided to recreate a classic red pout look in a few simple steps to achieve the ultimate look.


Step 1 – Wet your lips and take a soft brush to gently exfoliate and remove the dead or dry skin.


JKP_7385 Step 2 – Moisturize and hydrate your lips by using a lip tinted balm that smoothens the skin and gives it a plumping effect. Moisturized and well hydrated lips are the key to the perfect pout!


Step 3 – I used a Mac lip liner to line my lips. You can even give a fuller effect of a pout by slightly over lining the natural shape of your lips, but make sure not to overdo it.


Step 4 – I then filled in my lips with the Giorgio Armani Liquid Lipstick.


Step 5 – Use a tissue paper to absorb the excess colour from your lips and to set in the colour.


Step 6 – Then, re-apply the same shade to give your lips an even richer and deeper effect.


Step 7 – To correct any bleeding, I used a concealer to even out the lip lines and make the lips pop.


 Step 8 – I used the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick (or any other highlighter) to illuminate my cupids bow and make the effect more prominent.


Follow these simple looks and get that pout on point! Get going!



Photography by Jaina Kuma

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