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BBLUNT - The Return of Temporary Hair Colour! - Love And Other Bugs


BBLUNT - The Return of Temporary Hair Colour!

I remember my days back in school when I used to love playing dress up with my sister and friends (not much has changed since then!), we’d raid my mom’s closet and go all out with her handbags, dresses and makeup. It was around that time I got my hands on my first can of hairspray and tried to replicate her blonde and brown highlights.
Years passed by, and the trend of temporary hair colour somehow faded away too. It’s only until recently that I’ve been noticing pop hair colours coming back in trend, thanks to the Kardashians, Jenners and CardiBs of the world. As cool as they look, let’s face it, they’re a huge commitment and not all of us have the guts to go pink, green or blue for such a long period of time.

Enter the BBLUNT One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colours that combine super fun shades, ease of application and commitment free colours in one tiny can! With constant travel, events, shoots and what not, I always feel the need to change up my look every now and then, and what better way to do that than add a bright pop of colour to my hair and make a bold style statement! Apart from just events and shoot, what I love about the product, is that its great to just spruce up your everyday looks as well. Whether you want to just add a few coloured streaks here and there, or go all out and spray your whole head with a single colour, the options are endless and so much fun to play around with too!




Here, I decided to amp up one of my current favourite hairstyles, the Boxer Braids, or the ‘Kylie Braids’ as they’re popularly known by spraying my entire hair with the BBLUNT One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour in the shade ‘Blush Pink’.






Finished off by spraying the BBLUNT Spotlight Hair Polish on my completed look, to give my braids maximum shine and a silky smooth finish, and I’m good to go!





– Written by Shereen Bharwani & Trishala Sikka

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