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All New Kaya Haircare

Choosing the right hair expert is like selecting the right life partner, you want someone who has known you well over the years, someone you can trust and most importantly someone who cares! While finding the latter may be slightly more challenging, when it comes to hair, we’ve got you covered.

When the all time skin experts, Kaya, finally venture into haircare, we couldn’t have been more on board with the idea. Contrary to most beliefs, skin on the scalp behaves the same as skin on your face in many ways. So why have separate experts for the 2 when one dermatologist can treat both?

Kaya Skin (and now also hair) Clinic have been pioneers in the skincare space with their renowned dermatological expertise, personalised services, state-of-the -art equipment’s and effective products. They’re a name and brand you can trust, with treatment and products that have beeb tried and tested, Kaya is a name that a lot of big names and faces also swear by.

Apart from the advanced skincare services, some of the haircare services include:

– Targeted Root Regen System

– Hair Health Boost System

– Hair Restore Expert Transplant Solution


“Besides colouring, my hair is styled very often. All this tends to damage it. So, while fortifying and reviving my hair, Kaya used simple procedures to literally treat it from the roots. By giving it some softness and shine, the treatment was refreshing and relaxing at the same. In a nutshell, my entire experience felt as though it was like therapy for my hair.”


Deep Cleansing and Nourishing


Application to control Scalp Ageing and Strengthening hair



Deeper Thermal Penetration and Hydration


Final Hairwash572

That aside, we also had an opportunity to interact with their Medical Head, Dr Sangeeta, who spoke about all that Kaya has to offer in the hair care space. So here goes –

1#  What is your unique concept – ‘Texture to Transplant’ all about?

We have taken it upon ourselves to provide treatments that can address almost any hair-related issue. By covering the entire bouquet, our comprehensive services include treatments for volume and scalp issues. Then, there are medicated ones for hair fall and thinning as well as the surgical invasion offerings which revolve around hair transplants too.

2# Tell us more about damages to hair?

Our environment plays a huge role here. From the sun to dust and even pollution, all affect hair. Therefore, its imperative to identify one’s hair type, then lifestyle and accordingly pick one’s shampoo, conditioner, serum etc. Once you have figured out where you fit in, you can modify your daily hair care routine.

3# How to deal with an Oily scalp?

After determining a clientele’s scalp being oily, I would recommend a hydrating conditioner. It should only be used at the dry bottoms of hair as natural oil from the scalp will do its job. Hair ends must be trimmed to avoid split ends or frizzy hair. Maybe, just every couple of months should be enough. Also, greasy scalp creates acne break outs on the face, shoulder and back, so it must be kept clean at all times.

4# Your thoughts on Hair fall..

Ideally, a personal consultation is essential. However, a general guidance will include multiple factors. Depending upon age, hormonal level fluctuates and attention needs to paid, here. Plus, stress levels along common deficiencies namely – Anemia, calcium, vitamin D and B12 too must be kept under a check. All this requires treatment from within.

5# How to handle dandruff?

Firstly, suffering from dandruff is not a disease, instead it’s very natural. Also, certain types of scalp are prone to exfoliation which gives rise to flakes on it. Just changing a shampoo or conditioner will not help. In such situations, shampooing regularly and using products formulated to keep dandruff under control namely anti-dandruff ones are essential. Additionally, if one has issues like redness or itchiness, then it’s wise to take advice from a specialist.

6# What about the importance of nutrition?

Especially for women, eating right, consuming ample amount of water and having a balanced diet is crucial for healthy hair. Having said that, for micro nutrients, incorporating dry fruits, fruits, fats, proteins as well as carbs in your daily diet is a must. And this is the best part of our Indian is it has all these which are great for skin and hair. So, stick with it.

7# What’s you take on handling dry scalp?

Apply oil – maybe coconut or olive, then massage it gently for about an half and hour and wash it. Doing this about 2-3 times a week should solve all your problems.

And, here’s what we at LAOB thought of our chat with the expert –


“After having such an insightful conversation with their specialist, I genuinely felt that at Kaya, every problem is treated internally, as opposed to just working on externally. By getting to the core of the issue, all their treatments all worth giving a shot. No wonder I can’t wait to get her hands on their new range of products specifically for hair.”

Lastly, if you are looking to achieve your #hairandskincaregoals then, you know exactly who to go to, don’t you?

Written by Amaira Chhabria

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