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4 Hair Style Saviours from Sebastian Professional - Love And Other Bugs


4 Hair Style Saviours from Sebastian Professional

When it comes to styling my hair on my own, I’ll admit, it isn’t exactly my thing. Reason being, it pretty much feels like rocket science or something. While I’m all for stepping up my haircare game, I haven’t been able to bring myself around the idea of creating styles for myself. Probably because I don’t usually tend to style them that often. Until I attended an event wherein by Sebastian Professional

which busted all myths. During which, popular hair and makeup artist Elton Fernandez demonstrated their application and made me realize how easy these were to use. Far from being intimidating, these were convenient, worth pampering your hair with and what I liked about his masterclass was that it eliminated my fear of using them. So, here’s all the information you need about them –

#1 Drynamic+

To tackle my seriously greasy scalp I’ve used this dry shampoo a couple of times and it didn’t disappoint. A practical solution, it not only gives my hair that healthy dose of texture and volume but also saves me from washing it often. All you need to do is spray it from a distance on the roots of your dry hair, then run your fingers through and voila! You’re sorted.

#2 Re+Shaper

It’s a hairspray like no other. Apart from giving a light, controlled hold as opposed to others which tend make your hair solid and don’t even let you run your own fingers through them, this one holds the shape of your hairstyle, leaving it flexible to adjust or change it up a little. Especially during shoots, parties etc. it helps keep my hair in place. Just spray it on your damp hair, then blow dry and you’ll be good to go…

#3 Sublimate

Whether you are looking to protect your hair from the heat of styling tools or anti fizz control, this invisible and lightweight styling cream will sort you out. Without making your hair look dry, it gives them a soft shine, conditioning effect and adds that little body too. So, to give new meaning to your look, just glide it through the mid-lengths after a blow dry.

#4 Potion 9

For an instant style boost, this wearable styling conditioner is just what you need. With minimal effort, it can be applied anytime and tends to protect and restore the natural condition of your hair. Apart from that, it’ll renew shine and enhance manageability too. On damp hair apply it and blow dry then on dry locks reapply it and see how Portion 9 works its magic.

All in all, such products are right up my alley only because they are highly effective while taming my most troublesome hair drama’s, creating and freezing my style in place leaving them looking glossy and healthy.

-Written by  Amaira Chhabria


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