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Mumbai's 8 Favorite Dermatologists - Love And Other Bugs


Mumbai's 8 Favorite Dermatologists

Ever wished you could say, “I’ve got 99 problems, but my skin ain’t one ?” We surely have. Also, we bet, that if you are like us then, discussing all skin related woes can get a little stressful. Until now, we’ve all been mentally scarred by pimples, dry skin, and more. But the question still remains – who will come to our rescue? And how the heck does one find the right specialist? Girlfriends/BFF’s? Google? Review web pages? Nah… If you don’t know where to start, stop everything and listen up! Without considering this as a daunting task, just leave it up to us to hook you up with a ‘super derm’ in Mumbai who will use cutting-edge ingredients and technology to keep your skin on point! Now, here’s a sneak peek into them –

 1. Dr. Harshna Bijlani – Medical Head at Ageless Clinic

Having actors like Deepika Padukone, Kriti Sanon etc flocking to her, she has won umpteen awards and accolades. And what makes her outstanding is her refreshing approach coupled with clinical skills. Believing in taking total care of her clients, she makes sure to get to the root of their problem.

Best Known for: Among her umpteen services, the ‘quick injectables fix’ and the latest craze – “AgeLess Stem Cell Face Treatment™” (an improved version of the ‘vampire facials’) are quite the rage!! Hhhmm.. things we do for the best complexion ever!

Location: Bandra, Cuffe Parade & Versova, Malabar Hill

Contact Details: 02242476000

Dr. Harshana Bijlani

2. Dr. Jaishree Sharad – CEO of Skinfinity  Skin and Laser Clinic

 Popularly known as the skin and face sculptor, she has an enviable client list. Do you want to know what makes her score – it’s a combination of compassion and knowledge. Equipped with the innovative techniques, she treats hyper pigmentation, handles dermato- surgery, among others. Her client list includes actors such as Jacqueline Fernandez, Anusha Dandekar etc.

Best Known for: The Glycolic, TCA, Obagi and Nomelan peels at her clinic are undoubtedly effective in restoring & rejuvenating one’s youthful resilience. Okay then – Is it just us – or are you excited to try them too?

Location: Khar West & Bandra West

Contact Details: 02226486784; 02227833838

Dr. Jaishree Sharad

3. Dr. Rekha Sheth – Director at Yuva Skin and Hair Clinic

A name to reckon with, she tackles a host of problems such as skin brightening, hair revival etc with an impressible enthusiasm for the business of beauty. Practicing for over three decades now, her life is consumed by the skin and her holistic approach is highly commendable.

Best Known for:  Kiss fine lines and wrinkles goodbye, with her anti-ageing solutions and youth enhancing therapies.

Location: Juhu

Contact Details: 02233814266; 9987637512

Dr. Rekha Seth

4. Dr. Jamuna Pai – Chairperson and Founder of Skin Lab

This award-winning cosmetic physician has an experience of 22 years in the industry. Constantly updating her practices, she offers cool sculpting, liquid face lifts, non-invasive skin firming and loads more. Plus, she has authored her best-selling book – No one has to Know – The Ultimate Skin Care and Anti-Ageing Guide.

Best Known for: Her forte is to cater to all types of skin – oily, dry, normal as well as a combo and provide a tailored routine too.

Location: Kemps Corner, Andheri West, Khar West

Contact Details: 02226454880

Dr. Jamuna Pai

5. Dr. Farida Modi – Owner at Dermacare Skin Clinic and Cosmetic Centre

For her, the pursuit of beauty is not just skin deep. It’s both a science and art of prescribing a holistic treatment plan. Having an experience of over 19 years, she meets her clientele’s needs with compassion. From anti-ageing to tread lifts and even the HIFU (high-intensity focus ultrasound) treatment, she does it all.

Best Known for: Combined with peels, her ‘hydrating masks’ are designed to vanish spots and boast a glow, in a 3-step process. And the results: oh-so-fascinating!!

Location: Opera House

Contact Details: 02223684281

Dr. Farida Modi

6. Dr. Bhairavi

We love her for her dedication to comprehensive care. Preferring to have a limited set of clientele makes her one on one consultations – highly personalized. From PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatments to fillers and even Botox, she specializes in other services too.

Best Known For: For all those looking to acquire a unique boutique dermatology experience, you know where to go. And anyway, a little attention always goes a long way, right?

Location: Andheri Lokhandwala

Contact Details: 02226318410; 9820213682


7. Kaya Skin Clinic

Since 2003, these experts have over 100 clinics in India. Being a premium brand, they provide products and treatments for skin and hair care too. Possessing a rare quality called empathy, they’re known to respond responsibly and live up to expectations. No wonder they’ve been on top of their game for over a decade, now.

Best Known for: The first thought that pops up in our minds when speaking of them is their Laser treatments. Apart from that, they offer a skincare line and have recently introduced hair products and services that’ll have you covered from texture to transplant.

Location: You can find the clinic closest to you here

Contact Details: 1800-209-5292

8. Dr. Meena Makhecha

Her sessions are administered with some good old-fashioned attention. Not only does she use specialized non-harsh therapies but also makes sure they have minimal side effects. While excelling at services like hair care, skin brightening etc, she is a firm believer of skin care being a part of self-care and does not consider it to be vanity.  Very often prominent personalities from the fashion and film fraternity have been spotted at her clinic.

Best Known for: If you are looking to restore your natural, radiant skin without any signs of acne and pimples, then head straight to this expert.

Location: Juhu

Contact Details: 02226200926; 02226251018

Bottom Line: One beauty advice from us would be that no amount of makeup can compensate for unhealthy skin. So, to ensure that your skin is in the best condition possible, you’ll need to find a dermatologist who’ll understand your concerns, completely focus on your story with a holistic approach. And once you’ve found that trust-worthy specialist to keep your skin on point, visit them on regular basis to see them work their magic.


Written by Amaira Chhabria

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