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Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger in India | Love And Other Bugs

About Us

Love And Other Bugs has evolved from 2 girls playing dress-up, to a high fashion platform for brands to connect with their real customers, and for young women all over to understand and be inspired by our personal styles. Pushing the limits of creativity right from fashion and photography, to hair and make-up is what drives us to constantly curate original content right from our hearts. Everything we do roots from pure passion and inspiration and we hope every woman or girl out there finds a little bit of herself in each of us!

If it’s on the blog, we believe it. If we believe it, it’s on the blog. That’s a Lovebug promise.

Meet the bugs:

Creative Director

Former student of fashion design & marketing from London College of Fashion, Shereen has had several years of celebrity styling experience.
She’s a walking contradiction on a perpetual struggle to lose weight, slice of peperoni pizza in hand. When she’s not blogging, she’s looking for proof of alien existence, trying to get to the bottom of government conspiracies or watching over dramatic reality shows.

Obsessed with: Getting her coffee right and adding ketchup to everything

Superpower: Teleportation

Style Director
Part time connoisseur of lame jokes, part time mommy to the cutest beagles Max & Noah, Kayaan has been a stylist for the past several years. Her love for androgyny stems from her time in Canada where she studied menswear. Her one pet peeve? She finds it impossible to smile on camera but laughs at herself all the time.

Obsessed with: Looking for silly videos on YouTube, wearing sneakers with EVERYTHING!

Superpower: Dance moves from space

Beauty Director
Proud owner of every nail polish colour in the world, don’t be surprised if you see our baby bug strutting around with a tiara on her head. Her idea of fun Saturday night is spent in PJ’s trying on different shades of lipstick. She spent a few years studying luxury and lifestyle management in Florence but still breaks into an Italian accent after a few glasses of wine.

Obsessed with: Green tea, eggs and taking up random hobbies.

Superpower: Shooting laser beams from her eyes